This is started out as a blog about my friends at Georgetown (in which I misspelled Disapparte) now its devolved into my diary with GIFS.
Dis' a parte. Disapparte.

Arturo. 22. Geneticist-in-training from SoCal, living in DC. I minor in studio art. Amateur gif-maker, quesadilla maker extraordinaire.
My spirit animal is a German Shepard.


Current obsession is a collaboration between Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano called “FLY ART” which they describe as “The best marriage on the internet: hip hop and art”. The pair combines a few of my favourite things: matching lyrics from different hip hop songs with pieces of art, ranging from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism, and the result is amazing. Changing the context of the song and the piece introduce a really unexpected perspective, and I can’t get enough. These are a few of standouts (I am clearly drawn to Kanye and Beyoncé lyrics)

From Top: The Starry Night of Sierra Leone; Milkmaid Rollin That Body; Four N****s of the Apocalypse; One Good Venus; Princess Tarakanova In a Swimming Pool (Drank); The Paranoia; Get Lucky on a Summer Evening; Dont Kill Phaedra’s Vibe; H(eaven) Town Vicious; Bound 2 the Kiss

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Thank you for looking after me. You’re an amazing person, and I loved the time we got together. Time isn’t always on your side, but even though things are ephemeral doesn’t mean they didn’t really mean something. And hey, we got to explore the “cosmos” together.

Don’t forget to look up.

they call them “blood moons”, and we’re going to have a great view of the total lunar eclipse in the early hours of April 15!

"Lunar eclipses aren’t rare, as they occur about twice a year, but not all of them are total eclipses, and some are so faint that the shadow is barely noticeable. However, the eclipse on the 15th is fairly special, as it is the first in a tetrad of total lunar eclipses, spaced about six months apart. All four should be visible to nearly everyone living in the United States.”


Read more at http://www.iflscience.com/space/total-lunar-eclipse-tetrad-begins-april-15#eqy2507LSiobsS9q.99

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